GMS Forex Review

Overview of GMS Forex:

GMS forex is a forex and CFD broker that has its offices in Sydney Australia and Vancouver Canada. The broker has mentioned itself as GMS International PTY Ltd on its website’s ‘About Us’ section. There is also another company’s name mentioned, The Headquarters Group of Companies, but no relation between them is mentioned. Mentioning other company’s name and not clarifying the relationship with the company has created suspicion about the broker. Let’s check more facts about the broker to see whether it’s a scam or legit.

About GMS Forex:

GMS Forex is a forex and CFD broker that claims to provide services of trading in Forex, Precious metals, crude oil, and index. The broker has named itself as GMS International PTY Ltd but has not mentioned where is it headquartered. However, the broker has mentioned that it has got two offices, one in Sydney Australia and the other in Vancouver Canada. The broker has not said anything about its regulatory status but has mentioned the name of another company which is regulated by Australian and Canadian regulators. Mentioning the name of the company it has no relation with seems like the broker intends to confuse itself with a regulated company. This trick is mostly used by scam brokers to catch the customers by confusing them. Another suspected lie of the broker is its claim of getting an award for the choice of 150,000 investors in more than 20 countries. GMS Forex has just said this award thing out on its website with no details about the award not even the name of the award.

The GMS Forex seems nothing more than a scam broker. Even you won’t find its website any professional. There is a lack of information, misleading information, vague statements, and no contact details. All these things and the lack of transparency decreases the credibility of GMS Forex.

Is GMS Forex a scam or legit?

GMS Forex is an unregulated Forex and CFD broker which claims to be an international broker. There are false and vague details provided by the broker on its website which indicates it being involved in a scam. Moreover, in its disclaimer section, it has clearly said that it cannot be held liable for any information provided on its website. Not taking responsibility for its information and along with that not being under the supervision of national regulatory bodies means risking your fund to highly suspected scam.

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