Cyber intelligence Report (CIR)

Cyber Report

Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the financial world, but it also involves significant risks. Broker frauds, bitcoin wallet hackers and phishing scams are robbing consumers of millions every year. Unfortunately, many of these cyber criminals aren’t caught–not because there aren’t resources for tracking them down, but because fraud victims often aren’t sure where to turn when pursuing their case. 

That’s why you should talk to CryptoComplaint experts as soon as possible. Our team has proven methods for tracking down crypto frauds as well as cutting-edge technology to detect patterns on the blockchain and unlock identities of cyber criminals. 

The Advantages of Cyber intelligence Reports

Cyber intelligence reports or CIRs are crucial tools for law enforcement and authorities. They give crucial details to cracking the case, including: 

  • Actual names and places of suspects and people of interest
  • Report on the organization and its history
  • Official warnings and media coverage of the suspected fraud

What is a Cyber intelligence Report?

  • Overview
  • Connected Brands
  • Alleged Owners/Operators
  • Payment Processor Providers
  • Main Companies
  • Technology Providers
  • Persons of Interest
  • Regulator Warnings
  • Relevant Media References 
  • Lawsuits
  • Corporate Registrations
Cyber intelligence

The Overview gives a summary of the case, including the background and a review of the findings. Connected Brands describes other organizations that are involved with the suspected scam. The Alleged Owners/Operators section gives the names and identities of the people who run the operation. Payment Processor Providers detail the other parties the funds went through. 

The Main Companies category describes the main operation with its relevant details. Technology Providers can give clues to how the suspected fraud operates. Persons of Interest are the actual people behind the operation. Regulator Warnings show complaints official organizations and regulators have made against the suspected scam. Relevant Media References lists mentions made of the scheme in the press. The final sections discuss Lawsuits and legal action against the scheme. Corporate Registrations show any kind of licensing as a company it might have.

How a Cyber Intelligence Report Can Make the Difference

Filing a complaint with a cyber intelligence report makes all the difference in the likelihood of a successful outcome. Law enforcement, banks and government organizations will find this information useful for launching their own investigations. This will help them track down your funds more quickly and efficiently. 

intelligence Report

Want to See What a CyberIntelligence Report Can Do for Your Case? Talk to Our Experts

If you’ve lost money to a fraudulent broker, don’t suffer in silence. Speak to CryptoComplaint experts right away. We will consult with you, create a strategy and launch a full fraud investigation. Our team is adept at tracking down funds on the blockchain and dealing with law enforcement and financial authorities to help you achieve a successful outcome to your claim.

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