Crypto Trace Services

Want to find your funds? Do You find the blockchain confusing? Speak with our team! 

Consultation is the first step to creating a strategy that will track down the anonymous bitcoin wallet that is holding your funds. Talk to CryptoComplaint and you will receive:

  • No-Fee Consultation
  • Case Analysis
  • Our Unique Cointracking Services
  • In-depth Crypto Forensics Investigation
  • User-friendly Crypto Investigation Reports
Crypto Trace Services

What’s Behind a Bitcoin Transaction?

The blockchain can seem like a confusing maze of codes. You may feel overwhelmed by the apparently anonymous nature of bitcoin transactions. But is bitcoin really anonymous?


Yes, in a sense bitcoin is anonymous given the fact that there aren’t names and addresses identifying bitcoin transactions. However, there are numbers–namely codes–attached to all activity on the blockchain. Crypto Complaint experts break these codes to uncover the people behind crypto scams.

How Does Crypto Investigation Help? 


Crypto Complaint investigators have perfected a technique to identify holders of anonymous bitcoin wallets and crypto hackers. Our proprietary resources are unique in the industry and include:

    • Blockchain explorer technology
    • Databases with details of thousands of cases
    • Crypto forensics investigation methods
    • Highly-qualified crypto investigators
Trace Services

At the end of the investigation, we give each of our clients a full account of our research with leads that will be useful to law enforcement and government organizations. Our investigation reports include:  


  • Detailed summary of findings
  • An account of the case, including names of suspects and persons of interest
  • Documentation that will give law enforcement tools and leads to pursue an official inquiry

Want to See What Crypto Trace Services Can Do for Your Case? Talk to Our Experts

If you’ve lost money to a fraudulent broker, don’t suffer in silence. Speak to CryptoComplaint experts right away. We will consult with you, create a strategy and launch a full fraud investigation. Our team is adept at tracking down funds on the blockchain and dealing with law enforcement and financial authorities to help you achieve a successful outcome to your claim.

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