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Cryptocurrency is one of the most exciting financial products in recent times. Digital currencies correspond well with the way we live now, from working and earning money online to making transactions and engaging in online trading. Along with forex trading scams there are many types of crypto scams. Authorities are on the trail of many of them, and their jobs are made easier with effective cryptocurrency reports. 


If you have lost money to a fake ICO scam, have been sold a phony Bitcoin wallet or can’t get a withdrawal from a crypto broker,  you will need some assistance for fund recovery. A cryptocurrency report is a valuable defense against crypto scams. Experts can provide guidance and can draft a cryptocurrency report that will help authorities track down the cybercriminals and assist in fund recovery.


CryptoComplaint experts provide consumers with information about financial services and can assist people who have been affected by CFD scams, crypto scams, forex trading scams, and other forms of financial fraud. Our team has the resources to assist with crypto complaints and can provide guidance to consumers and get them started on the fund recovery process. 

What Is a Cryptocurrency Report?

A cryptocurrency report is meant to state the issue and provide detail that will assist authorities in tracking down the culprits and prevent the crypto scam from continuing its activities. 


Given the sheer number of crypto scams in existence and the volume of complaints, cryptocurrency reports are valuable in getting the investigation started with vital information that can speed up the process of catching up with a crypto scam. 


A cryptocurrency report sums up the issue the customer has with the crypto company or broker. It will include a timeline, a detailed description of the relationship between the customer and the service. This part should be well-organized and rich will detail. 


It should be accompanied by documentation, such as screenshots of communication through email and text. It should also include any stated terms and conditions and contracts signed by the customer. 


After a detailed summary of the client’s complaint, a cryptocurrency contains in-depth research into the alleged crypto scam. It will include a company history and any information that can be found about the identity of the people behind the company. In the cryptocurrency report, there may be a record of other complaints filed against the company and broker and any warnings or records of actions taken against them in the past. 


There may be sections of the cryptocurrency report that are speculative rather than definitive but the purpose is to establish what is already known about the company or broker along with research on them and questions raised in the investigation. 


A cryptocurrency report can be presented to law enforcement, regulators, and authorities that are focused on combating forex trading scams and online scams in general or are specifically focused on cryptocurrency scams. The cryptocurrency report is a head start in the investigation into the suspected scam. 

How Can a CryptoCurrency Report Help with Fund Recovery?

Cryptocurrency reports do some of the work for law enforcement and authorities. If there is already an investigation and clues, they can more easily track down the people behind the crypto scam. 


In addition, since cybercriminals often have many rackets and frauds operating at once, a full description of one scam may help authorities track down others in the same network. This is why cryptocurrency reports are helpful and the more that is done, the more easily it will be to find cybercriminals and put a stop to their fraudulent operations.

When Do You Need a CryptoCurrency Report?

A cryptocurrency report is in-depth and is usually required when tracking down a crypto scam. Some examples that may require a cryptocurrency report are having your bitcoin phished and stolen, social media crypto scams, fake ICOs, phony bitcoin wallets, and other frauds.


 In these cases, the culprits have disappeared or are anonymous and require tracking down. That is why the in-depth investigation is required. 


In cases where you are still in contact with the merchant or broker, you may not need a full cryptocurrency report, but it may be a good idea to file a crypto complaint. For instance, if you are trading cryptocurrencies and there is a disagreement over whether you should be able to withdraw your money, you may not need a full investigation. This is a broker dispute that can be resolved by filing a complaint to the regulator. 


However, if the crypto broker is not regulated and disappears, that may require a cryptocurrency report. Also, if you have purchased cryptocurrency and did not receive your coins, you can contact the other party and try to get your coins or your funds back. 


If they refuse, you can try to settle your dispute and file a complaint with the authorities. However, if they block you and disappear, it is important to contact a service that can draft a cryptocurrency report and advise you on how to retrieve your funds. 


The Process of Creating a CryptoCurrency Report

Creating a cryptocurrency report requires several steps. These include:

  • Consultation
  • Information gathering
  • Investigation
  • Follow-up questioning
  • Drafting the cryptocurrency report
  • Submitting the report to the authorities


The first step for drafting a cryptocurrency report is consulting with experts and discussing what happened from beginning to end. The professional will then tell you what you need to provide including documentation of communication, contracts, terms and conditions. This will create a full picture of what happened and is a good starting point for the report. 


The crypto expert will then launch a full investigation into the service or broker and may contact you for follow-up questions to fill in the gaps. After the investigation, the crypto expert will create a cryptocurrency report that you can bring to authorities or law enforcement. From here, they can try to track down the cyber criminals and hopefully help with fund recovery. 


Do you need to create a cryptocurrency Report? Talk to CryptoComplaint Experts

Consult with CryptoComplaint experts immediately if you have lost money to a CFD scam, a forex trading scam, a crypto scam or another type of fraud. Our team can provide solutions and advice on how to seek restitution and recover from fraud. 

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