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I made CryptoComplaint.com to be more than just a website for reporting cryptocurrency crime. My objective was to create an online community whose purpose is to help assist those who have found themselves victims of cryptocurrency. In today’s online environment, almost everyone lacks the knowledge and experience to correctly navigate around the dangers of the internet. There is no lack of scams and individuals looking to take advantage of the unsuspecting. Unfortunately, the unregulated and open anonymity which cryptocurrency affords its users is often too easily wielded as the vehicle for supporting criminal activity.

Cryptocomplaint.com has additional objectives as well. Like most non-profit sites throughout the internet, we seek to publish information to prevent potential victims from falling into the same traps which others reported on through their experiences. But more than that, we are a resource center which is always on the lookout for quality solutions corresponding to the scams our community is facing. Together we are stronger. If one person can recover from their difficulties by virtue of our community’s efforts, then we’ve made CryptoComplaint.com a success. 



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