AnyDesk Scams Explained

AnyDesk is a software that allows remote access and control of computers and mobile devices. It is used by millions of IT professionals and support agents worldwide to help with technical issues. However, it is also a tool that scammers can misuse to steal your data, money, or access codes. In this blog post, we will explain how AnyDesk scams work and how to avoid them.

How AnyDesk Scams Work

AnyDesk scams are a type of technical support scam in which fraudsters convince targets to download AnyDesk — allowing scammers to remotely access their victims’ devices. For example, a Rhode Island woman received a fake online notification claiming that her iPad was compromised. But when she called the number for Apple support listed on the pop-up, she was told to download AnyDesk. With AnyDesk installed, fraudsters had full access to the victim’s computer — allowing them to steal sensitive information, manipulate everything the woman was seeing on her screen, and eventually convince her to wire them over $200,000 .

What is voice cloning technology?

Scammers can use various tactics to trick you into downloading AnyDesk and sharing your unique access code, such as:

  • Pretending to be from a reputable company such as Microsoft, Apple, or your bank and offering to help you with a computer or internet problem
  • Sending you fake emails or text messages with links or attachments that install AnyDesk or other malware on your device
  • Calling you and claiming that you have won a prize or a refund and asking you to download AnyDesk to verify your identity or process your payment
  • Using SIM-swapping techniques to hijack your phone number and intercept your verification codes

Once scammers have remote access to your device, they can do various malicious activities, such as:

How to Avoid AnyDesk Scams

To protect yourself from AnyDesk scams, you should follow these simple rules:

If you suspect that someone is trying to scam you using AnyDesk or other remote access software, you should:



AnyDesk is a legitimate software that can be used for good purposes, but it can also be abused by scammers who want to take over your device and steal from you. To avoid becoming a victim of AnyDesk scams, you should always be cautious and vigilant when someone asks you to download AnyDesk or share your access code. Remember: no bank or company will ask you over the phone to download software!


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