BIWR–Bank Wire Intelligence Report

Bank Wire

Have you sent money to a merchant or broker only to discover after the fact it might have been a mistake? Perhaps the broker is not letting you withdraw your money or maybe you never received the item you ordered. After complaints and requests for refunds have been ignored, you’ve decided that the only way to get your money back is to approach the bank. 


You may or may not be aware that bank wire recalls aren’t easy to get. Banks aren’t so quick to reverse transactions and recall bank wire transfers. You need evidence to demonstrate that the other party is a suspected fraud before you can justify freezing an account and forcing a refund. This evidence isn’t easy to get quickly on your own. Also, presenting your case with sufficient evidence will help you get results.

We Give You the Tools to Support Your Claim

It isn’t enough just to have the name, address and other information about the other party. You may be able to identify their bank account, but this may not be traceable to their real identity. Crypto Complaint experts can uncover actual identities behind the false veneer. We dig deeper to find out who actually has your funds and will create a report that you can take to the bank. 


Crypto Complaint launches a full investigation to track down who really has your funds. With evidence provided by our Bank Wire Intelligence Reports, banks may have enough evidence to freeze suspected accounts so they won’t be able to launder your money. 

What Is a Bank Wire Intelligence Report

    • Summary
    • Warnings from Regulators
    • Wire Confirmation
    • Corporate Structure
    • Proof that Beneficiaries and Merchants are Unregulated
    • Persons of Interest
    • Company Registration Extracts
Bank Wire Intelligence Report

A summary details the situation and findings in a way that will give banks an immediate impression of the information in the report. Regulator warnings detail complaints that were issued about the persons of interest to establish that there is reason to suspect the beneficiary. A Wire Confirmation proves that they received the funds. 

We investigate the other party carefully and describe its Corporate Structure. We discuss Persons of Interest, including their names, locations and other activities. We also show Company Registration Extracts that include public information about the suspected organization.

How to Use our Bank Wire Intelligence Reports

Once we have completed the investigation and created a Bank Wire Intelligence Report, you can promptly approach your bank with a detailed complaint and the intelligence report. Banks are more likely to honor your claim if you have one of our reports that detail evidence about the suspicious party.

intelligence Report

Want to See What a Bank Wire Intelligence Report Can Do for Your Case? Talk to Our Experts

If you’ve lost money to a fraudulent broker, don’t suffer in silence. Speak to CryptoComplaint experts right away. We will consult with you, create a strategy and launch a full fraud investigation. Our team is adept at tracking down funds on the blockchain and dealing with law enforcement and financial authorities to help you achieve a successful outcome to your claim.

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