CryptoNash Review

Crypto Nash is a platform that provides cryptocurrency exchange and wallet transfers.

It provides facilities to invest in and trade cryptocurrencies. It supports trading of Crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Neo etc.

Crypto Nash provides it’s services all around the world to attract more clients towards it’s firm moreover their clients can pay with cryptocurrency directly from their personal wallet.

Crypto Nash was supposed to be founded in year 2017 by five open-source blockchain developers supported by a global community.

They convince their clients by providing them false information that they are regulated brokers but it’s just a mere lie to fulfil their malicious gains.

About Crypto Nash

  • According to various verified testimonials Crypto Nash is an unregulated and offshore broker, it’s real location is unknown and as per it’s website no location of its office has been mentioned.
  • Crypto Nash claims that it provides Live customer support through mail address [email protected] , but in reality it’s a fake mail address that has been created to trick clients.

Crypto Nash has provided scarce information about them, just like other potential scammers they too hide trading and investments details from their clients.

As per it’s website they claim to be registered under Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) UK, but various verified trading authorities confirms that they are potential scammers that does not have any registered license.

Is Crypto Nash a Scam or Legit?

  • According to various clients review most of the time Crypto Nash website is unavailable for its users and as per account it’s an unregulated firm which makes it easier for them to hide their real location and contact details.
  • Crypto Nash offers variety of services and offers which ultimately end up as Scams,  they are mostly created to attract affluent investors so that they can easily make huge profits through illicit ways of trading and investments.

Several higher regulating bodies such as FCA, ASIC, CySec, etc. had provided them severe warnings that not to target clients without authorization.

They charge enormous commission and high processing fees in each transaction made by clients this make them extremely unreliable and unsecure.

 The most exasperating thing about them is that they uses cryptocurrency trading merely to fulfil their iniquitous profit and this makes them liable to be suspected as potential scammers and hence they are highly non recommended to trade with.

The higher regulating bodies suggest that always trade with an authorized licensed broker and as Crypto Nash is an offshore broker it cannot be trusted in any condition and should be considered as a suspected Scammer.

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