Cryptokartal Review


With emerging platforms for commerce and economics, the scam has paved its way in. Before you invest your capital in the stock market, do some homework. Due to a lack of knowledge, many investors end themselves up in severing total loss. So, acquiring half-knowledge isn’t a quality of the wise, as it contains risks. One such risky platform is Cryptokartal broker. For a better understanding, here are some important Cryptokartal reviews.

About cyrptokartal

CryptoKartal is a forex Stocks broker owned by Elmond Enterprises Ltd based in St. Vincent and Grenadines. It was started in November 2018. Fukazawa Partnership Ou is also named as its co-owners. The services they offer is, stocks, shares, and cryptocurrencies among others. It is unregulated and unlicensed.

Is cryptokartal a scam or legit broker?

Now the question remains, is Cryptokartal legit, or a scam Cryptocurrency broker? To bring more transparency, here are some of the solid facts about the company. Now, it’s all up to you to decide based on these Cryptokartal reviews.

  1. The platform that they use is Activ8. They also provide their customers a plenty of strategies such as trading bots and provide market analysis. These products include but are not restricted to stocks, shares, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and many more. Moreover, there is no CFD trading for its customers to proceed.
  2. It offers different amounts for a trading account with the Micro account being $250, the Standard being $5000 and the Premium goes at $50,000. New traders are offered a bonus (depending on their account type) of 10-50%, immediately after creating an account.
  3. Is not fully disclosed. CryptoKartal does not disclose its trading conditions fully and therefore the traders do not have certainty of their genuineness. However, they also do not offer the free demo accounts to test the platform.
  4. The Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 are currently leading in the market yet, they are both not available with CryptoKartal since they instead use Activ8.
  5. According to the Scam Broker Investigator, CryptoKartal is not a licensed broker. Every broker is required to pay for regulated licenses to trade but CryptoKartal does not pay yet they still go ahead and trade. This means that their money is not covered by the government regulator and it is not kept in separate banks.
  6. The company doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees. On the contrary, the guidelines state that there might be some fees incurred. These include charging on exceeding the maximum number of withdrawals and international credit card transactions.

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