CryptoFMC Review

CryptoFMC Overview

CryptoFMC is considered to be a investment firm that provides digital asset exchange for trading purpose, it involves buying and selling of Cryptocoins such as Bitcoin, Ether or Litecoin.

CryptoFMC is supposed to be founded in the year 2018 and is located somewhere in UK.

CryptoFMC provides new customers with introductory guidance and broad range of trading tools, they also include various features such as trading assets, descriptions about each asset, expiry times, symbol and trading hours.

As per various customers review they do not provide much information about them and their official website is mostly unavailable for users.

About CryptoFmc

For getting started with CryptoFmc the clients has to complete their KYC   by providing them a copy of an official ID document such as a passport must be sent to their email or fax after that Customers can set up a trading account easily at CryptoFMC by filling up the desired details as per company’s policy.

Cryptofmc enables its customers to access their accounts in GBP, EUR and USD They can also make deposits in other currencies and then can convert the currency as per their choice.

They provide different payment options for investment purpose such as by using cryptocurrency, credit/debit cards, wire transfer or PayPal etc., each of these payment options posses different criteria for instance if a user is using credit card then a sum  £€$100 has to be deposited and if through wire then $500.

Most of the suspected scammers have this policy to deposit a minimum amount so that if the customer wishes to opt out they can’t as they had already invested a bit amount for trading therefore its recommended not to invest any amount before having full knowledge about that broker firm.

Is Cryptofmc a Scam or Legit?

Cryptofmc lacks in providing firms evidences such as their original address, information about owner or regularity nor does they provide any contact information, a support mail address has been provided to resolve any queries therefore its quite evident that they might be potential scammers.

They charge an obnoxious amount of $10 as monthly fee which is quite unworthy for its users as they might be tricking them for illegal gains.

Cryptofmc platform offers ‘Double Up’ and ‘Rollover’ features, double up feature enables customers to increase investments on open positions whereas rollover feature allows traders to delay the expiration time of an option if they think the market will move to their advantage but these facts should be investigated closely before making any prior investment as they might prove to be false, created mainly for the purpose to its trick clients.

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