4tfx Review – Scam Broker Complaint

Currently, people are looking for the best trading platform to invest their money to get more profit. As we know that online trading is risky and unpredictable, therefore when we plan to invest our money we have to check the detailed information about the broker. 4tfx is one of the forex brokers that is providing their customers with a simple web-based platform. They also provide their customers with different trading accounts but for some years, the reviews of 4tfx company are saying a lot about the scams that are supposedly happening with their customers. Several reasons raise doubts about scams under this broker.

About 4TFX review

There are several types of account which are provided by the 4tfx to their clients. Following are some types of accounts –

  • Basic account
  • Silver account
  • Gold account
  • Platinum account
  • Diamond account

4tfx is providing its customers with many options but they do not give any detailed information about the account and their trading process. They also do not mention anything about the minimum initial deposits of the accounts which is necessary for the clients. If the broker is legit then they will provide its customers with detailed information about their accounts and trading process.

4tfx also provides its customers with bonuses depending on the account type such as for the basic account, the bonus is 50% and for the diamond account, the bonus is 150%. The bonuses are extremely high. This relates to the fact that 4tfx is a scam broker. When some broker is offering you bonuses then you should check the conditions below it.

4tfx – scam or legit?

  • Regulations and safety of funds:

When you are investing your money on the trading platform then you have to find a reliable broker. You also have to check for the license which will explain that this broker is regulated by the financial authority of that respective country. When you go on the official website of this broker they will not provide you with any address of this company. They just give you their telephone number which does not work.

  • Warning list:

The warning list is the official list about the scam broker which is provided by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK. FCA is the regulatory body of the forex traders of the UK. 4tfx is added to the warning list by the FCA which will explain that this broker is very risky to invest your money.

  • Bonuses on different accounts:

4tfx provide their customers with bonuses on the different types of account in which they invest their money such as gold or diamond account. When the broker is legit, they never give any bonuses to their customers which is based on the type of the account. This reason will explain that this broker a scam broker and you can’t invest your money in 4tfx.


All the above information is necessary and important for you to know that you can’t risk your money in this broker. 4tfx is not regulated by the official financial body of the UK and it is also added to the blacklist by the FCA. You have to invest your money in a reliable broker which will give you more profit. When you are investing your money in some broker then first check the reviews of the broker. License is an important factor by which you can recognize a broker’s legitimacy.

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