Investors Alert – Regarding falsely claiming association with registered Australian businesses or financial services licensees and their authorized representatives.


Online trading can be a lucrative and exciting activity, but it also comes with risks. One of the most common and dangerous risks is falling victim to a scam broker, who may lure you with false promises, manipulate your trades, or steal your money. In this blog post, we will expose one such scam broker,, which is pretending to be a regulated and reputable entity but is in fact an imposter and a fraud.

Products and Services: claims to offer various trading products and services, such as forex, CFDs, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. It also claims to provide advanced trading platforms, low spreads, fast execution, and high leverage. However, these claims are all lies. is not a real broker, but a clone firm that is using the name and details of a legitimate entity, ECN Futures Pty Ltd, which is registered and licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). has no affiliation or authorization from ECN Futures Pty Ltd or ASIC and is operating illegally and fraudulently.

Financial institution & regulatory license: tries to deceive traders by displaying the logo and license number of ASIC on its website, as well as the address and contact details of ECN Futures Pty Ltd. However, these are all stolen and misused information. is not a financial institution, nor does it have any regulatory license from any authority. It is not regulated or supervised by ASIC or any other agency. It is not subject to any rules or standards of conduct or protection. It is a scam that can do whatever it wants with your money and personal data.

Trader’s Reviews and Customer Service: also tries to create a false impression of credibility and trustworthiness by showing positive reviews and testimonials from its supposed clients on its website and social media channels. However, these are all fake and fabricated. does not have any real or satisfied clients, only victims who have been scammed and cheated. does not provide any customer service or support, only pressure tactics and threats. If you try to contact them, you will either get no response or a rude and aggressive reply.

How do online trading scams operate:

Online trading scams like operate in similar ways. They usually target inexperienced or vulnerable traders who are looking for easy profits or solutions to their financial problems. They use various marketing strategies, such as cold calls, emails, ads, or social media posts, to attract their attention and persuade them to sign up with them. They then ask them to deposit money into their accounts, promising high returns or bonuses. However, once they have their money, they either manipulate their trades to make them lose money, refuse to let them withdraw their funds, or simply disappear with their money.

How to Safeguard Against Fraudulent Brokers:

There are some steps that you can take to safeguard yourself against fraudulent brokers like Here are some of them:

– Do your research before choosing a broker. Check their website for information about their products, services, fees, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc.

– Verify their regulatory status. Check if they are licensed by a reputable authority like ASIC or another equivalent regulator in your jurisdiction. You can also check the official websites of these regulators for lists of authorized entities or warnings about unauthorized entities.

– Avoid brokers that offer unrealistic or suspicious offers, such as guaranteed profits, high leverage, low spreads, no commissions, etc.

– Be wary of brokers that pressure you to deposit money quickly or frequently, or that offer bonuses or incentives that have hidden or unreasonable conditions.

– Be careful of brokers that ask you for personal or financial information that is not relevant or necessary for your trading activities.

– Keep records of your communications and transactions with your broker. If you encounter any problems or issues with your broker, contact them immediately and try to resolve them amicably. If that fails, report them to the relevant authorities and seek legal advice.

Conclusion: is a scam broker that is impersonating a legitimate entity and is not licensed by ASIC. It is trying to trick traders into depositing money with them by using false and misleading information. It is not a trustworthy or reliable broker, but a fraud that will steal your money and personal data. Do not trade with or any other clone firm that is using the name or details of another entity without their permission or authorization. Always do your due diligence before choosing a broker and follow the tips above to protect yourself from online trading scams.

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