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Cryptoiam Review

Cryptoiam is a platform that provides crypto trading and exchange of Cryptocurrencies. It provides facilities to invest in and trade cryptocurrencies. It supports trading of Crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Neo etc.

 They proffer several instruments for purpose of trading such as forex pairs, CFD, indices, commodities and stock.

They are supposed to be established in year 2017 and is located somewhere in Switzerland, its main aim is to target more clients based in Europe specially from United Kingdom.

Cryptoiam seems to be potential scammers as they use illicit activities to fulfil their iniquitous profits, as per verified data collected from various sources, they provide their clients false information about them.

About Cryptoiam

  • Fxcrypto is supposed to be unregulated and an offshore broker, that does not carry any authorized license.
  • According to their website they have a valid license registered under financial conduct authority UK, but this is merely a fib created to trick its client and swindle them to gain enormous profits.

Cryptoiam claims that they provide their clients 24/7 assistance through a specialized team with mail address [email protected] that deals with their problems related to trading and investment, but as per their client’s review, they never respond to any of the queries related to Scam.

They provide various attractive offers and services to trap more affluent clients, but all such offers are always proven to be as Scams merely created to trick its clients.

Is Cryptoiam a Scam or Legit?

The most irresolute fact about them is that their website is mostly unavailable for users.

According to their website they had not mentioned their office address or any contact detail therefore like other scammers they too hide their essential information in order to perform various illegal activities.

Several regulating bodies had warned them that not to target any client without prior authorization. Such brokers are highly non trustable as they do not follow any norms and conditions laid down by governments for brokerage firms.

They lack in providing essential information about them and as per verified testimonials they are not transparent about their trading and investment conditions.

Their clients review reveal that they charge enormous transaction fees and higher rate of commission, this fact makes them highly unsecure and unreliable to trade with.

Cryptoiam uses an online trading platform know as Finantick. This platform is supposed to be mostly used by potential scammers so that they could easily manipulate the spreads and trades in the trader’s admin panel.

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