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Alpha Crypto is considered to be a platform for Crypto trading and cryptocurrency exchange.

It allows cryptocurrency and fiat-to- cryptocurrency trading, they professed that its clients can easily sell and purchase crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, altcoins.

Alpha Crypto provides it’s services throughout the world that means it can easily target clients all around the world.

Alpha Crypto is supposed to be located in Greater Boston area, East Coast, New England. They use cryptocurrency trading merely to attract more clients and urge them to invest large amount of money.

They convince their clients by providing them false information, so that they could easily swindle them and can gain enormous profits.

About Alpha Crypto

  • According to their website they had provided limited information, they had not mentioned various essential facts related to investment and trading that means they are very much suspicious and should not be trusted easily as they might be potential scammers.
  • Alpha Crypto is considered to be unregulated and an offshore brokerage firm which means, it does not have any prior authorization to be a licensed broker.

Alpha Crypto seems to be as potential scammers as they provide false information to their clients for instance they claim that they are registered under FCA UK, but this is merely a lie as they are unregulated broker.

According to Alpha Crypto’s website they provide various engrossing services one such is 24/7 live assistance through a mail address [email protected], but this is merely a trap, as they never provide assistance nor do they reply to any mails related to Scam.

Is Alpha Crypto a Scam or Legit?

Alpha Crypto are supposed to be potential scammers as they are unregulated and offshore brokers therefore it’s hard to authenticate its real location and other contact details

As per their website they do not provide any strong evidence to show that they are safe and secure to trade with therefore they might swindle their clients for their illicit gains.

They provide various offers and services one such is Dynamic system of fees in this feature they allow their customers to trade with fee of 0.1% but all these facts are false according to their clients reviews they charge enormous transaction fees and high commissions on each transaction.

Other than that Alpha Crypto had received several warnings from various regulating bodies that not to target any. Clients without authorization.

Alpha Crypto uses cryptocurrency trading merely to perform illegal activities, they are extremely unreliable and unsecure to trade with therefore they should not be recommend and should be considered as potential scammers.

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