Wall of Coins Review


American peer to peer decentralised cryptocurrency exchange specializes in Bitcoin and Dash trading against USD. The broker was established in 2017 and claims to be the most trustworthy market maker on the earth. However, the cryptocurrency broker is not regulated. This Wall of Coin review will shed light on all the possible pros and cons of this broker. Therefore, don’t miss any line of this comprehensive analysis.

About Wall of Coins:

To make this Wall of Coins review unprecedented and liable we must discuss all the possible pros and cons of it. At first, we will look at the pros. The P2P exchange also offers Dash coins trading with Bitcoins. For smaller transactions broker does not require any ID verification. That being said for a larger amount it is quite difficult that we will discuss later. The broker claims to store clients funds in offline cold storage. It increases safety and security and minimises hack risk. The Dash and Bitcoin transactions are limitless. However, the minimum transaction limit is 5$.

Here we will discuss the cons of it. The services of Wall of Coins are limited to the USA only. But it makes sure to start serving other nations soon. As said earlier, larger transactions at Wall of Coins are tedious. It requires a whole lot of efforts like ID selfie and residence verification. The time consumed by this verification process can go up to weeks. The broker accepts payment in cash mode only. That means clients have to physically present in the bank and communicate with a teller for payments. No ATM payments are entertained. Major problem is that the broker Wall of Coins is unregulated. American crypto brokers must have a bit license to be operational. The broker does not hold it. There is a problem while testing the provided platform. Out of USA clients could not open it and it is worrying. Also, the fees and commissions charged on each transaction are unknown. 

Is Wall of Coins scam or legit?

The broker only serves the USA based clients and is not regulated. We don’t have any clue what trading platform and commissions are at this broker. The large transactions are no doubt very tedious job. It does not offer leverage trading. Payment is made by cash only. All of this is enough to claim that the Wall of Coins is a potential scam cryptocurrency broker.

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