My BTG Wallet Review


The technologically paced world surely makes it easy for us to live. Be it booking a cab or sending money across countries, the internet proves to a boon in our lives. However, as good as it may seem to be, the Internet also has certain characteristics that prove it to be a bane. One of the main characteristics is Scam brokers. Scam brokers are plenty on the internet and they go to all extents to convince you into depositing money with their account. These scam brokers will spam you by calling you under random names and tell you that they are calling from a licensed trading company. After realizing your potential and knowledge in the trading market, they will make alterations in their pitch and convince you into depositing as much money as they can coax you in. they will offer you mouthwatering bonuses and schemes that may make you think that it will be a lifetime opportunity to utilize your savings. Afterward, when you process for a withdrawal, they will provide you with some stupid reasons and run away with all your money. Today we will review My BTG Wallet, another scam broker that scammed its customers of 3 million dollars reportedly.

About My BTG Wallet:

My BTG Wallet is the brainchild of John Dass who is said to be a member of the BItcoin gold community. He promoted the company on several platforms including Reddit and Steam in order to lure as many customers as he could. My BTG Wallet did not have public developers and nor did they reveal their certificates. The company claims to be an online wallet for bitcoin users and was also listed under the wallets option at official However, the company name was removed after speculation came forward on the company’s credibility. The company had a very different scheme to scam the users and was also successful in doing so for quite some time. The scheme asked the customers to submit their recovery seeds or private keys in order to generate bitcoin gold wallets. However, upon receiving this credential information from the users, the company sends it to various addresses, the next day the customers wake up to see all their bitcoin vanished and is sent to some exchange. This raised major issues as the official site had listed this wallet and it turned out to be a major scam. People blamed the official bitcoin company for this scam. As soon as people started realizing about the scam, it became the talk over the internet. The owners of My BTG wallet soon skipped and formed another company under the name of Github which was privately linked to the former company. The confidential information including their recovery seeds was sent to the owner at Github from where all the bitcoins of the customers were stolen. 

Fraud brokers often try their best to cheat as many customers as they can so that they get more and more money and then leave the country in order to not get trapped by the authorities. We must always be careful before investing with a company and do thorough research on their credibility before putting in our life savings.

Is My BTG Wallet a scam or legit?

My BTG Wallet is a scam. We recommend our readers to not fall for these scam brokers. One should always read about the terms and conditions given on the website and only invest if the broker is 100% regulated.

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