HourSoftBank Ltd Review

Overview of Hour Soft LTD Bank Review:

HourSoftBank Ltd is the UK based Forex, metals, and Cryptocurrency broker. The broker claims to be created by financial experts and provides the best investment plan to earn money through cryptocurrencies. Though the claims of the broker seem enticing it has no traces of being a registered broker. There are no facts and figures provided by the broker on its website. Moreover, the broker has a 5-member team of traders who does the market analysis for putting the money of its customers in the market.

About Hour Soft Bank LTD:

HourSoftBank Ltd is a brokerage firm that provides services of trading in Forex, metals, and cryptocurrency. The broker has an office in London, England, and is a team of 5 members. It trades in five varieties of valuable materials including Oil, Metals, Gold, Silver, and Forex also Cryptocurrency. The broker said to has 6 investment plans that can earn up to a stunning 18% hourly. Giving this kind of assurance is not a professional thing a financial broker would do because market conditions are completely volatile. The broker seems to be fooling out its visitors by providing a picture of a certificate of incorporation which is small that you could not read the complete text provided in the picture. Moreover, the company claims to be registered five years back but that certificate of incorporation is dated May 2020.

The broker HouseSoftBank Ltd doesn’t seem that it stands on its words and this is one of the signs of a scam broker. When you will click on the ‘company info’ tab on the website of the broker you will be directed to nowhere but again on that same page. Nothing is promising and legit found on the broker’s website. Various sites that provide ratings have rated HouseSoftBank Ltd as a scam broker.

Is Hour Soft Bank LTD scam or legit?

HourSoftBank Ltd is an unregulated forex, CFD, and Crypto broker which is based in the UK. Considering all the details and facts it could be said that the broker is forging the incorporation certificate and making false claims. The broker has very low credibility and trusting this broker is not a wise decision that one could make. There is no positive review or ratings available on the web about this broker so we would not recommend this broker for investing your funds.

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