Fxcrypto is considered to be a CFD broker that mainly focuses on Crypto trading. It provides facility to exchange one cryptocurrency for another, buying and selling coins such as bitcoin. It bears some feature of foreign exchange (forex trading) as well.

It provides various instruments of trading such as Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Shares and Cryptocurrencies.

It is supposed to be located at Trust company complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960

Fxcrypto’s services are available almost in every part of the world, its main aim is to attract more clients towards it’s firm.

They urge their clients to invest money by providing them various attractive offers and services, all such offers are always proven to be as Scams merely created to trick its clients.


  • Fxcrypto is supposed to be unregulated and an offshore broker, that does not have any authenticity proof related to its contact information.
  • The offshore broker is considered to be as unlicensed broker that does have not any authority to target clients for trading and investments purpose.

Governments and other regulating bodies had provided guidelines and according to that a brokerage firms has to work but unlicensed brokers does not follow such guidelines and therefore they could perform illegal activities without much difficulty and can gain enormous profits.

According to Fxcrypto’s website they provide various engrossing services one such is 24/7 live assistance through a mail address [email protected] , but this is merely a trap, as they never provide assistance nor do they reply to any mails related to Scam.

Fxcrypto make their clients believe that they are absolutely safe and secure to trade with but the fact is that they are potential scammers and might swindle their clients for illegal gains.

Is FXCRYPTO a Scam or Legit?

According to their website they claim, that they have a valid license registered under Financial Market Authority ( FMA) Austria, but as per verified testimonials they are potential scammers, that does not possess any authorization.

Fxcrypto is an offshore broker firm, therefore it’s hard to authorize its genuine location and contact details.

Fxcrypto provides various attracting services such as high liquidity, Profit Potential from Rising and Falling Prices, 24 hours market assistance and news, but all these features are purposely created to trick its clients for bigger investments.

As per several reviews of their clients, their deposit and withdrawal policy lack in providing various essential facts they hide such important facts merely to make enormous gains.

They had received several warnings from various regulating bodies and are supposed to be as potential scammers therefore they are highly unsafe and not recommended to trade with.

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