Forex2Crypto Review

Forex2Crypto is considered to be a platform that provides services of forex as well as a crypto exchange.

Forex2Crypto was supposed to be owned by York Bit Ltd and is located at Exchange Tower, Harbour Exchange Square, Isle of Dogs, London E14 9GE, United Kingdom.

It provides facility to buy, sell and exchange currencies at current or predetermined prices moreover crypto exchange allows exchanging one cryptocurrency for another, purchasing and selling of coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and exchange of fiat money into crypto etc.

About Forex2Crypto

Forex2Crypto’s website is available in two languages one is English and the other one is French, as per verified facts they mostly target clients from UK and Canada.Forex2Crypto provides a customer support service through a mail address [email protected] but  when they are closely observed, it seems they had concocted the information and misguided its clients by providing false offers and services.

Forex2Crypto offers five account types mainly for the purpose of trading, all these accounts posses different criteria for crypto trading, it is supposed that most of the scam brokers urge it’s clients to deposit a minimum amount of money so that the account gets active in same way to beginning trading with forex2crypto clients has to deposit a minimum amount of $500.

Is Forex2Crypto a Scam or Legit?

Forex2Crypto does not share much information about themselves but when closely investigated they seems to be as potential scammers, as they claim that they are regulated but under which regulating authority is not mentioned. Their website shares not much information therefore it’s quite untimely to decide whether they are Scam or Legit but most of the things are suspicious about them, for instance they do not uses popular trading platform MetaTrader5 (MT5).

Most of the potential scammers charges high commission fees and withdraw emoluments just to make enormous profit similarly Forex2Crypto has many charges associated with their trading accounts, there is a Management Fee, Quarterly Trading Commission, Commission for Buying & Selling Bitcoin, Fee for Early Withdrawal, Benchmark Fee, Fee for Withdrawal Without Trading and an Inactivity Fee, therefore its recommended that not to trade with such brokers.

 Most of the time their website is unavailable for its users this makes them doubtful and not very much reliable to trade with.

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