Everest Holdings Group Review

Overview of Everest Holdings Group

Everest Holdings Group is a financial broker that claims to be based out of Hong Kong; Precisely 11/F Crawford House, 70 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong. It offers a variety of services to its users in trading of forex, cryptocurrency and various precious metals. Given that it is based in Hong Kong, we started by checking if the broker, or Financial investment consultancy as it likes to call itself, is authorized to operate there. But rather than finding a license for the broker, we found something much more troubling.

About Everest Holdings Group

Given that the broker claims to be based out of Hong Kong, the regulatory body we looked up first was the Securities and Finance Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong. While we were unable to find any licenses or authorization for the company, we did find another warning notice posted by the SFC. The alert posted, not only notifies unsuspecting traders that the broker is not licensed, but also shares that it is not located at the address that it claims to be based out of. While it is one thing to not have a license, it is a huge red flag when a regulatory body posts an alert against you or blacklists you. But what is even more concerning is the fact that they lied about very basic information like their address. This leads us to question any and all other information that the broker provides. Not just this, but the fact that their operations are not monitored by a trusted regulator, makes things even less trust-worthy.

The company talks big about working towards bettering the environment with its investment choices, however with very little verifiable information present in English, it is hard to be sure of these claims. It also makes news about how it is dedicated to bettering the lives of its employees which it claims are the company’s heart and soul. 

The Verdict

While the company makes big claims and shares a reputation in the Asian market, it is still more than just risky. While a lot of brokers do not have complete information easily accessible on the internet, this time it is even more suspicious. Because the SFC actively alerts people against dealing with them, and announces that their address is fake, we would urge our readers to stay cautious if you are contacted by them.

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