Eternal Wealth Group Ltd

Overview of Eternal Wealth Group Ltd Review:

Eternal Wealth Group is an offshore financial broker. The company claims to be registered with an Australian governing body; however, the claim needs to be verified. The broker provides online trading services via the meta trader 5 platform. Surprisingly, when you open the platform MT5 you will be directed to a third-party page that could be insecure. There are more such unusual things spotted with this broker so before thinking of investing with this broker we recommend going through this article.

About Eternal Wealth Group Ltd:

Eternal Wealth Group Ltd is a financial broker that provides trading services in Forex, Indices, Metals, and Commodity. The broker has offices in Hong Kong and the US, and it claims to be registered with ASIC. ASIC is an Australian regulatory body; the broker is registered with it but has offices in Hong Kong and the US where it is not registered. Moreover, the claim of being registered with ASIC seems to be just a claim, as there is no proof found of it being registered with ASIC. Eternal wealth Group Ltd tries to misguide people by writing a sentence at the bottom of its web page that it is recognized and regulated by ASIC because there is no such license found on the website of ASIC.  Also, having branches in the US and Hongkong requires the broker to be recognized by these countries as well.

Eternal Wealth Group Ltd has an identical website with and is an unregulated brokerage firm that has been involved in scamming activities. The minimum deposit required to open an account with Eternal Wealth Group Ltd is whooping high 5000 dollars. The minimum requirement is unreasonably high, whereas various legit and well-reputed brokers in the market ask for less than one-fifth of this. The leverage ratio offered is 1:100 to 1:200.

Is Eternal Wealth Group scam or legit?

Eternal Wealth Group Ltd is an offshore unregulated broker that is suspected to be doing fraudulent activities. The broker’s claims are baseless and have no proof or facts to back them. Moreover, various traders have reported that this broker has scammed them and they lost thousands of dollars to this broker. The broker is not trustworthy and due to its weak background, its credibility is also not up to the mark. Therefore, choosing this broker to invest your funds would be nothing more than a huge risk.

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