Cryptopmarket Review

Cryptopmarket aims to assist financial inclusion, it promotes transfer and purchase of cryptocurrencies. It is established in year 2018 by  Melgreg Services OU, located at: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Hobujaama tn 4, 10151, Estonia. Based on various facts provided on the web it is a non safe platform for traders as it performs trickery by using several methods.

They are suspected Scam brokers and is perilous to trade with, as they are unregulated.

Cryptopmarket offers a web based trading platform, It does not supports Metatrader4 which is more reliable and trusted source automated trading.

About Cryptopmarket

Cryptopmarket provides various services such as simplified cryptocurrencies, commodities and market indices.

According to the available information from verified resources cryptopmarket is a non licensed potential broker.

Cryptopmarket seems to be a offshore and unregulated broker that has low credibility and merely attract clients by showing them false details and profits.

As it’s a offshore and unregulated broker it can easily trap clients and swindle them easily to make immense profits.

Is Cryptopmarket a Scam or legit?

  • As it’s a offshore firm it can easily trick people by not providing their real address merely just a fake one so that they could not be found and hence this way they could reduce their chances of being caught up in a Scam.
  • They are potential scammers who make their clients believe that they use original Crypto coins to trade but the actual truth behind is that they take advantage of the huge interest toward the crypto markets.

They are potential scammers and is believed to be a fraud as according to the reviews of its client on various websites it clearly states that they had convinced them to invest a huge sum of money in cryptocurrency and when they did so and further contacted them they just got vanished.

The most exasperating thing is that being an unregulated firm there real location or contact information could not be fetched.

According to various testimonials they had received several warnings by the Spanish financial authorities (CNMV) and FCA(UK).

They are supposed to be as a Scam cryptocurrency broker as it provides unregulated online exchanges, charge enormous commissions and makes it very difficult to withdraw funds.

They provide several attractive offers to their customers to make them believe that they are investing their money in a safe place but its merely a false trap that has been designed to swindle them.

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