Cryptolon Review

Cryptolon – Legit or Scam?

Since bitcoin exchanges are unregulated, some broker companies dealing in the domain may turn out to be a minefield for many new or existing investors. Today, we are going to tell you about one of such fraudulent brokers in the market – Cryptolon.

Before we get into scamming strategy, let’s learn more about this broker. Cryptolon affirms to provide easy and safest way to invest with zero stress and be the real company with real people.  It claims to be headquartered in Apollo House Hallam Way, Whitehills Business Park
Blackpool, England, FY4 5FS. Sounds fair? But what is behind the scenes is going to give us real goosebumps.

Now, let’s see, what the the customers, already dealing with this broker, have faced in real life.

  • Many of their customers claimed that after investing with Cryptolon, their money was on hold for months without any response on calls or emails from the advisers.
  • They also claimed that the broker insists you to mine in the lower mines and when you’ve finally decided to withdraw they ask you to bring in new bitcoins into much higher mines and this goes on and on, resulting to drown and they suddenly become unreachable for you.
  • Cryptolon has ripped off many users and even worse is that they refuse to return back the money. Although, it claims to provide the easiest withdrawal option through its website.

Cryptolon also confirms that there are nil chances of losing your money. Reason being a myth, it has 10 million dollar insurance fund prepared which will fully cover market losses. It also provides 4 different account plans – Basic, Standard,VIP and Special with a benefit of 7-14 days daily payout options. Attracting customers by showing different mouth watering offers, like – easy mining, everyday profit, unbelievable mining plans, fake certifications etc has been the broker’s ongoing objective. Initially, it gives you all eye catching and super exciting offers and once you fall in the trap, you’re bound to forget your hard earned money coming back to you anyway or by any means. Cryptolon has created a separate section with number of payouts made each day with fake names and numbers.

This is not new but some of us may not be aware of such scams happening while we invest our money. We cannot play safe all the time but atleast can stay aware of broking companies like Cryptolon. You earn, you invest and they play with your asset is not something that you would never want ever to happen. This can be evidently said that Cryptolon is a fake broker with fake people who become your so-called advisers when they are in need and fly away from their virtual nests when you need the profit back.


Its better to choose right broker with lot of research and then invest with them. Going with scammers may lead to a disastrous and stressful financial future.

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