CryptoGo Review


The oversea broker CryptoGo claims to be operational from the United Kingdom with expertise in cryptocurrencies. The offerings of this broker are quite confusing and we don’t know what to call it a crypto broker or crypto exchange. So, we are calling it crypto exchanger. What is that mean? To know please read this CryptoGo review completely. There are several other issues we have covered in this ultimate review.

About CryptoGo:

To present you with an impartial and logical review we will discuss all the benefits and drawbacks of CryptoGo. First of all, we will make note of the possible benefits of it. The broker offers simplified, straightforward service and interface. It has a platform that is a dashboard-like online shopping order entry box. It accepts payment via two channels viz bank wire transfer and credit cards. That is sufficient to make every trader happy. The assets at CryptoGo are many and include almost all of the cryptocurrencies. It also provides support to the exchange of exotic crypto coins via the third party.

The broker CryptoGo shares very limited info about its corporate status, company behind it, and operational country. They claim that they are a broker but they do not provide any trading platform either web-based or MetaTrader. It presents itself as a crypto coin exchange but does not provide blockchain payment support. That’s why we call CryptoGo an exchanger rather than a broker or exchange. The commissions charged by this broker are very high. The price of a single bitcoin we saw €7500 and that is high. The real exchange has a conversion rate of €5700 – €5800 per Bitcoin. So, the conversion charge is whopping 10 to 11 ℅ higher.

The broker does not have crypto wallets to store cryptocurrencies and it’s not good. The clients of CryptoGo requires at least 500 euro or 500 US dollars to start the transaction. And that investment is quite high. Genuine brokers allow any amount of transactions that their clients want. The broker also claims to provide other trading assets but in reality, they don’t. We could not find traces of any tradable assets apart from crypto coins.

Is CryptoGo scam or legit?

The CryptoGo is misleading its clients and does not clarify what are its offered services are. The regulation status is not known. Also, the convergence commission is very high. We are not impressed with CryptoGo and giving it a low rating. In our view, the broker CryptoGo is a potential scam cryptocurrency broker.

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