Cryptobravos Review

Cryptobravos is a trading broker which offer its consumers different types of accounts for trading.  For some days, the reviews of Cryptobravos broker are revealing that this broker is a scam because of its suspicious activities.

Many consumers who invested their money in this broker are giving warnings to the other people that do not risk your money with this broker. When you are looking for a broker then you have to look for many features related to the broker which confirms that the broker is a legit or not. You can check the official site of the broker and reviews of their customers. For more information read its review here.

Reasons why Cryptobravos is suspected as a scam:-

Following are some reasons which explain that Cryptobravos is a scam broker and it also explains what you should do when you are thinking to invest your money in the broker. Following are some of Cryptobravos actions that prove that this broker is a total scam.

  • They will offer you some bonuses according to the types of accounts.
  • They will change your account without your permission and then freeze your account.
  • After some time, they will ask for more deposits but if you do not agree, they will block your account.
  • They will change your account and you can’t log in to your account. They also take all of your money from your account.
  • When you call them about your problems they will not receive your calls and they will also not answer your emails.
  • They will also delete their official website eventually.

Is Cryptobravos a legit broker or a scam broker?

Cryptobravos is a total scam broker and according to the review of customers, you can’t risk your money with this broker. Many official things will make the broker legit. Cryptobravos do not have any valid license for trading and this is against the law. This makes Cryptobravos a scam broker.

  • Regulated by the official financial authority or not:

When you go on the official website of the Cryptobravos broker then they will not share any license for trading and any information about the regulatory authority. Every legit broker is regulated by the official financial authority of the respective country. Cryptobravos is not regulated by the official authority, therefore, this reveals that this broker is a scam.

  • Warning list:

This list is created by the official authority and they add every name of the scam broker which is suspected in some illegal activities. Cryptobravos is also added to the warning by the official financial authority of the country. They warn the citizens that you should not invest your money in this broker.

  • Official website and address –

Chicago 150N, Riverside plaza suite 2800, Chicago is the given address of this broker on its official website and the official website of this broker is but they didn’t give any detailed information about their trading plans.

Is your money safe with Cryptobravos?

When a broker doesn’t have any regulatory license for the trading then it will not return your money if you want a withdrawal. Cryptobravos also doesn’t have any regulatory license, therefore, you can’t trust this broker with your money. You also have to check all the official information on the official website of this broker.

Conclusion –

All the above information is important for new people in the trading place. Cryptobravos is a total scam and you can’t risk your money with this broker. This broker is also outlaw and it does not have any license for the trading process.

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