CryptoBank Review

Crypto bank claims to be a payment system based on block-chain technology. It also provides facility to trade Crypto Yuan, Crypto Dollar, Crypto Euro and Crypto Ruble and other stable coins.

They claim their software is based on bitcoin cryptocurrency and the transactions done for trading purpose uses the blockchain capabilities.

They provide numerous benefits one such is digital gold and blockchain deposit algorithm in this algorithm they provide information about how much investors would pay return, for instance in the duration of six months a total of 8.1% and 18.9% for twelve months, CryptoBank allows its customers to transfer currency from different wallets and so that later on they can be used for trading purpose.

About CryptoBank

To beginning trading with CryptoBank the users have to complete the registration and then automatically they become share owner and would get a benefit of generating 1CBMT -0.1% share.

According to their website they provide CryptoBank Master Token and the owners of CBMT can have access to 30 or more CBMTs which allows them to create a master node that will perform the function of replacing coins in CBD, CBE, CBR, CBY blockchains. They have different criteria for CBMT owners for instance if the owner has 10CBMT and more they can launch their own mining pool and make a profit on the adding of transactions, but all this is merely  attractive offers that are created to trick its clients and swindle them for huge profits therefore as per verified sources they are suspected potential scammers and should be trusted without prior investigation.

Is CryptoBank a Scam or Legit?

CryptoBank’s website does not possess any information related to its address or owner nor they provide any contact information, they provide only a customer support mail address [email protected], most of the Scam brokers do hide their essential information in order to perform illegal activities and such brokers should not be trusted.

They provide various services such as Crypto loan, Currency Stability which is used to convert traditional currency into digital assets, liquidity which enablesstable exchange rate of CryptoBank tokens etc., All these information is being concocted by the owner so that more affluent investors would invest huge amount of money, they provide no firm evidence to prove they are Legit brokers therefore they seems to be as Scam brokers.

There are few facts related to them which makes them highly suspicious such as they do not provide any information about their regularisation, they claim to be regulated brokers but under which regulating body is not mentioned. They do not provide much clear details about their payment and billing information therefore they are not secure and reliable to trade with.

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