Crypto Capitals Review-

Crypto Capitals is considered to be a  cryptocurrency investment platform that allows it’s customers to deposit funds using cryptocurrency.

Crypto Capitals is supposed to be situated at 2 Amersham Road, London, SE14 6QE, United Kingdom.

They professed that its clients can easily sell and purchase crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. They are considered to be providing services in 99% countries around all the globe.

Crypto Capitals provides engross offers and services just to attract affluent investors towards it’s firm so that it can make enormous gains through illegal activities.

About Crypto Capitals

  • Crypto Capitals is recognized as a offshore and a non regulated firm, this suggests that it is a potential scammer and constantly tricking it’s clients by proving them inaccurate information about them.
  • In their official website  they have clearly stated that they are licensed broker and had been working as per governments provided criteria, but all this is a mere lie as they are unregulated and potential Scammers.

As per their clients review they have misguided them by providing false information that they provide automatic cryptocurrency trading platform but in truth they are potentials Scammers that make concocted things to attract more clients.

According to their website they provide 24/7 assistance to their clients having mail address [email protected] ,but just like other potential Scammers the contact information provided is absolutely false which makes them non trustable to trade with.

Is Crypto Capitals a Scam or Legit?

Crypto Capitals is an unregulated and offshore broker which implies that its real location is hard to authenticate just like other Scammers they too can easily trick their clients by providing them a false address and contact information.

As per various verified sources Crypto Capitals is a potential Scammer that charges high commission rates and enormous processing fees in order to make immense profits.

Due to its lack in authenticity Crypto Capitals had several warnings from Financial Conduct Authority situated in UK.

According to their website they have provided limited information about them. It is believed that Scammers does not share much essential information about their functionality and trading conditions which makes them even more doubtful and unreliable.

They provide various offers and services such as  fastest withdrawal and strong security just to attract more clients, they make them belief that their money is safe and hence urge them to invest huge amount of money.

According to the various verified testimonials they are found out to be suspected scammers and had been tricking their clients through illicit activities therefore they are untrustworthy and not recommended to trade with.

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