Crypto Bridge Review


The broker Crypto Bridge new services provider in the market. It is one one of the top broker on BitShares Network. There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to it and we will share one on one with you in this Crypto Bridge review.

About Crypto Bridge:

Crypto Bridge is a decentralised exchange that is prone to fewer hacks. It requires zero minimum deposits to start trading with it. It deals with only cryptocurrencies and does not charge for deposits. While other brokers need at least $250 as an initial investment this deal will attract many traders. Each trade is charged at 0.20% and it is according to current market conditions. Several other brokers charge same trading fees around 0.30% or above. Also, they have different fees according to the choise of crypto coins. This is not the case with Crypto Bridge. The broker is run by Stakeholders Scheme. That means traders can have their share in the network. It is a benefit that traders get the opportunity to invest in a new network that can grow in the upcoming years. The trading platform provided by Crypto Bridge is very intriguing. All the emphasis is given to charts and market indicators. All these things are well designed to support hassle-free and informative trading. The provided trading platform can be used on all the available operating systems. There are over 80 altcoins are provided to minimise trading risk and provide high liquidity. The availability of a wide product portfolio is always welcomed by traders. 

Here we will talk about all the possible disadvantages of the Crypto Bridge. Crypto Bridge is designed in such a way that it is suitable for professional traders only. The trader should hold a minimum knowledge of how crypto market and electronic wallet works. The broker does not entertain fiat currency deposition and trading. It will not be suitable for foreign exchange traders. There are many negative reviews we have come across about Crypto Bridge. Some accuse them if scam others complaining about not able to withdraw funds. The broker Crypto Bridge is operational on the BitShare Network and if that goes down all the functioning of it will also go down. The broker offers a margin free trade that is not a good sing. Without leverages how can trader earn a profit? 

Is Crypto Bridge scam or legit?

The Crypto Bridge is an anonymous broker that has several disadvantages. No margin trading, only crypto trading, based on BitShare Network, many negative reviews are the main reasons to call it a scam cryptocurrency broker.

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