Coin Financial Review


The broker Coin Financial is based on the island called the Isle of Man situated in the Irish sea. It claims to offer an outstanding encounter with cryptocurrency trading to traders from almost every country in the world. The offerings of Coin Finance include four distinct trading accounts, affordable bet size, and up to 80% payouts. However, the presentation of this broker does not shed light on other aspects and we are not sure how it works. Also, it is an unregulated broker with many drawbacks. This Coin Financial review is single window information depot that every trader should read.

About Coin Financial:

Beginner, Intermediate, Pro, and Expert are the names of provided four trading accounts. The minimum of $250, $1000, $10000, and $50000 are needed to open above mentioned four trading accounts. The broker offers 81% payout on each of the trading accounts but how it is achieved is a mystery. To make a non partisan and value-based review we must discuss all the possible benefits and drawbacks of Coin Financial. However, honestly, we are unable to trace any of the benefits of it. The website is a total mess and lacks basic information. 

Now we must turn our head towards all the drawbacks, that are many, of this broker. As said earlier the whole website of Coin Financial is a mess and confusing. The broker claims to be registered in the United Kingdom however, registration does not give valid regulation. Also, it is operational from the UK’s overseas territory. It must be regulated by the FCA of the UK but it is not. Also, not by any other European financial authority. On top of that Coin Financial is blacklisted by the French financial regulator. The registration at this broker is done only by invitations. This gives us insight into some multi-level marketing scheme. Also, we are not certain what services this broker offers. The broker claims to give higher payouts but the time frame of the same is not mentioned. All of this is a recipe cooked by scam brokers. Currently, many scam brokers want to encash the cryptocurrency boom. For that, they design such an unusual and lucrative offerings. 

Is Coin Financial scam or legit?

The broker is situated on the UK’s overseas territory of Isle of Man. It is an unregulated cryptocurrency broker with several uncertainties. High payouts and uninformative nature is a recipe of scam brokers. Hence, it is a potential scam cryptocurrency broker.

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