Capital 245 Group Review


Capital 245 Group claims to be leading cryptocurrency CFDs provider. In addition to it, it also offers CFDs over fx pairs and other trading tools. Total of six trading accounts is offered that need higher initial minimum deposits. It also provides high leverages and spreads on a web trader. Nonetheless, the broker has many red flags and none regulation is one of them. Before investing in it, every trader must read this substantial and no predisposition Capital 245 Group review first. 

About Capital 245 Group:

Total of six trading accounts is provided those are Mini, Bronze, Silver, Gold, VIP, and Premium. The needed initial investment deposition of $500, $5K, $10K, $25K, $100k and $250K. Max leverage of 200:1 can be seen with higher spreads. We must shed light on all the possible advantages and disadvantages. 

The main advantage of Capital 245 Group is given below. A great variety of trading tools are offered that includes many cryptocurrencies and also several fx pairs, commodities, metals, agricultural products, oil, natural gases and more. Such a variety of CFDs are crucial to reduce trading losses. Maximum leverage of about 200:1 is provided. As European Securities and Markets Authority have restricted leverages abound 30:1. Therefore offered leverages of Capital 245 Group are quite attractive. 

There are many red flags around Capital 245 Group and we will discuss them below. Bali LTD and Solutions CM LTD are two different firms behind the brand Capital 245 Group. Both of the forms are based in Bulgaria. Being Bulgarian CFDs broker it must be regulated. Unfortunately, the Bulgarian financial regulator Financial Supervision Commission denies the broker’s regulation. The broker further applies many unaccepted withdrawal conditions. If the trader has accepted offered bonuses then he must trade 30 times the volume of bonuses and initial deposits. The spreads we saw on the trading platform was absurdly high around 18.6 pips. Now generally spreads around or lover than 1.5 pips are supposed fair. We have mentioned minimum investments above and that is relatively high. MT trading platform that is the first chose of many traders is not available at Capital 245 Group.

Is Capital 245 Group scam or legit?

The broker Capital 245 Group is a potential scam cryptocurrency broker. It operates without a valid license, the trading conditions are absurdly high, MT is not provided, and high initial investments are needed to operate the basic account.

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