BK Coin Capital Review


BK Coin Capital is a United State based cryptocurrency broker that operates under the domain name of www.bkcoincapital.com or www.bk-coin.com from London, United Kingdom. It also claims to have a customer support system in France. Now, it is evident that the broker wants to look legit and show-off it’s international presence. It claims to have systematic arbitrage algorithms that help to find short term and long-term opportunities to its clients for massive profit. We certainly don’t know what trading conditions and account this broker provide. In this BK Coin Capital review, we will shed light on all the shady aspects of this broker. Please stay until the very end.

About BK Coin Capital:

The official website of BK Coin Capital claims that the broker is a hedge funding-based company situated and operational from New York, United States. It alleges its top position in the online trading market and as a cryptocurrency brokerage services provider. It further claims to serve in more than 50 countries via it’s transparent and enjoyable ways. The broker also claims to have an office in London. According to the European Union law, brokers operational from here must be regulated by any of the financial regulators present in the territory.

Firstly, as the broker claims it’s the operational address from the United Kingdom, we checked with the local financial regulator Financial Conduct Authority. Unfortunately, we could not find BK Coin Capital’s registry with FCA. Nevertheless, we came across a public scam warning by FCA against BK Coin Capital. Furthermore, the Belgian financial regulator Financial Markets and Securities Authority has blacklisted this broker.

The official website of BK Coin Capital is anonymous and does not share much information. It only talks about how the broker is superior than the other brokers. But does not share information like trading accounts available, minimum deposits required, leverages and spreads provided, and offered trading platform. We were also unable to find any term and conditions section about it. It further claims to have strategic partnerships with XTRD and SynQ. However, we could not confirm it. It also mentions a team of founding members of them we have never heard or seen.

Is BK Coin Capital scam or legit?

The broker falsely claims to be the regulated and legit provider of the brokerage services provider. However, it has received a scam warning by FCA and FMSA. There is no logical information about trading instruments, trading platforms and more. All this leads us to believe that the broker is a potential scam cryptocurrency broker.

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