Arbicorp Review


Arbicorp is Spanish broker that claims to have secure trading platform and electronic wallet. It mainly deals with cryptocurrency. It has its self-developed trading platform called Arbistar 2.0. It promises daily Return On Investment as high as 1%. Means in a month 30% profit. It claims to provide services to over 120000 happy customers. It claims to have a turnover of $1.07 billion. However, the broker Arbicorp is recently in news for all the wrong reasons. Everything about it will be thoroughly discussed in this Arbicorp review. 

About Arbicorp:

The Chief Executive Officer of Arbicorp is Fanti Fuentes a Spanish citizen. The broker developed a Ponzi Multiple levels Marketing scheme that promises higher returns. It has provided a unique trading platform called Arbistar that claims to offer daily higher returns. The daily claimed higher return is capped at 1% daily. However, it does not share how this higher ROI will be achieved. 

Nevertheless, the broker is not legitimate and involved in the scam. In September 2020 it has denied access to their 36000 customers. Ultimately banning all the 120000 customers accounts. Freezing their entire funds. The total valuation of scam is worth 1 billion USD. The broker claims that its trading platform developed an error over the period that caused bots to malfunction. Causing the blocking of traders to access their accounts. 

Nevertheless, Spanish authorities have arrested the CEO of Arbicorp Mr Fanti. He has promised to return all the investment and profits to its clients. But said that, if any of them file a legal case against him, he will not return any penny. 

The cryptocurrency brokers are not regulated as many governments are still formulating a framework to check crypto scams. Many crypto brokers are taking advantages of this loophole duping several traders for billions of dollars. 

Now all the so-called happy customers of Arbicorp has decided to file scam complaint against it. Therefore, Arbicorp has to pay investments as well as 28% of profits to its clients. 

Several hashtags are trending on social media to educate traders around the world about this scam broker.

Is Arbicorp scam or legit?

Arbicorp is yet another unregulated Spanish scam broker that has duped several traders. It is evident that it is under arrest and many or may not return traders funds. As crypto trading is unregulated it is hard to recover traders funds. Therefore we call it a scam cryptocurrency broker. Avoid it to protect investments.

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