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Crypto Platforms Dominate the Industry – but are they real?


With the new COVID-19 Pandemic on everyone’s minds, you would think scams would take a backseat.  Think again!  It’s 2020 and crypto scams are bigger than ever.  In 2020 the most popular type of scam so far is crypto platforms.  Scammers create what seems to be a real platform with real numbers and real investments.  They take your bitcoin, invest it and transfer it to an e-wallet.  In fact, you can watch them do it for you as they take over the unsuspecting victim’s screen and transfer bitcoin to what is really the scammer’s own personal wallet.

On the surface this looks like a genuine platform.  However, the reality is that this platform is far from real.

Once you realise the scam has happened, its often too late.  With a bank or credit card, within the time the transaction takes place you can reverse the charges and within a couple of days the money is easily returned.  However, with bitcoin, by the time you’ve realised that this is a scam, the money has been transferred to successive ‘chains’.  Making it almost impossible to trace.

Even if you would theoretically be able to track down the wallet, how would you go about getting your bitcoin back?

With sophisticated tools, you now have a unique opportunity to find out where your bitcoin are, which exchange has them, and importantly the tools to launch an investigation.

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