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    Online trading scams are rampant and destroying people’s lives. Cryptocomplaint, will help you navigate the complications of recovering your money.

    We carefully assess each and every case, so we can provide you with the best possible solution. Don’t let your hard earned cash go to the scammers. Contact our team of financial experts for a consultation today.

    There are multiple avenues to address issues that arise from the trader-broker relationship. Such options include Regulatory Agencies, Local and National Ombudsman, Police Authorities, Legal Advisers, Banking Consultants and now, Cryptocomplaint.

    Together, as a community of traders facing the challenges imposed by brokers who profit greatly from ignoring their own unethical policies and behavior, we have the ability to create a force much greater than one individual.

    Latest Crypto Scam News

    Bithoven Review

    Overview: The cryptocurrency trading services provider broker Bithoven is operational from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

    BTCBOX Review

    Overview: The Japanese cryptocurrency exchange and trading provider BTCBOX has two trading platforms. It only offers a Standard Account

    Coinbase Review

    Overview: Established in 2012, Coinbase is the United States of America based cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates transactions .

    100XFX Review

    Overview: The offshore-based CFDs and FX brokerages services provider 100XFX has five accounts that can be used by all types of traders

    Mega Crypto Trade Review

    Overview: The broker Mega Crypto Trade claims to offer a custom-built trading platform for the trade of foreign exchange pairs

    CC Mart Review

    Overview: The broker CC Mart claims to be leading brokerage services provider in the United States. It claims to offer award-winning trading

    Crypto Scams

    Crypto scams are making headlines almost daily. Although cryptocurrencies are among the most exciting innovations in

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