Crypto Intelligence Report

Trading crypto currency or shopping from a bitcoin wallet are exciting new ways to use money. You may have decided to brave the blockchain only to find that your funds have been swiped and hidden in an anonymous bitcoin wallet. 


What should you do? Going to law enforcement seems like a reasonable move. Although police departments are upgrading their technology to deal with suspicious blockchain transactions, many don’t yet have the time or resources to launch an investigation based on complaints without additional evidence. 


Don’t give up! Approach law enforcement with a cyber intelligence report. The Crypto Complaint team uses crypto coin trace and bitcoin block explorer technology to discover patterns on the blockchain and to locate the owners of anonymous bitcoin wallets.

How Can a Crypto Intelligence Report Help?


A Crypto Intelligence report is a distillation of our entire investigation process. It gives you a summary of our findings and evidence that can be helpful to law enforcement in embarking on their own investigation. Our reports provide the following: 

    • An in-depth description of the case and highlights
    • A full outline of our process
    • Names and locations of suspicious bitcoin wallet holders and persons of interest
    • A record of reports, court cases and disciplinary action taken against the suspects as well as a history of suspected fraud
    • Alternate names and identities of the alleged cyber criminals and their organizations

How to Use a Cyber Intelligence Report

After Crypto Complaint experts have completed the investigation and created the cyber intelligence report, it’s time to approach law enforcement or regulators with these findings. The police are likely to welcome these intelligence reports, because they will give them a head start in their own inquiries. Filing a claim and presenting the intelligence report can increase the odds of a successful conclusion to your claim.

Want to See What Crypto Trace Services Can Do for Your Case? Talk to Our Experts

If you’ve lost money to a fraudulent broker, don’t suffer in silence. Speak to CryptoComplaint experts right away. We will consult with you, create a strategy and launch a full fraud investigation. Our team is adept at tracking down funds on the blockchain and dealing with law enforcement and financial authorities to help you achieve a successful outcome to your claim.

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