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Scam News 09-08-2021

50% of SMBs Hacked: 5 Ways to Keep Your Company Secure

Headlines now and again features stories about major corporations getting hacked. According to new surveys, not only large corporations but SMBs or small and medium businesses run a substantial risk for hacking. It is estimated that 50% of all SMBs suffer from malware attacks. Perhaps more upsetting is that of these companies that experience data […]

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Scam News 09-07-2021

Traders Lose $3.6 Billion to South African Teen Brokers– How to Stay Safe from Crypto Scams

It started with offers to return clients traders’ initial investments by as much as 10% per day and ended with a staggering $3.6 billion in losses for clients. This record amount was stolen by two young South African brothers and may turn out to be one of the largest cryptocurrency scams on record.  It should […]

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Scam News 01-07-2021

The FBI Tracks Down Colonial Bitcoin Ransom–How Crypto Scam Fund Recovery Is Possible

Most of us have seen old movies featuring hostages. Usually, the kidnappers demand hundreds of thousands or a million dollars in unmarked bills in a suitcase deposited in person in an alley at a specific time. Modern blackmailers and kidnappers do not need to go through all of this trouble. They can simply demand bitcoin […]

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Scam News 26-06-2021

A Crypto Scam App that Stole $384,006–How You Can Stay Safe

Crypto scams are proliferating at an alarming rate. Consumers are losing millions in these scams sometimes just in seconds. In addition to ICO scams, fake crypto brokers and other types of crypto scams, fake bitcoin wallets, and apps rob data and money from victims.  One example among many crypto scams in the case of a […]

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Scam News 18-01-2021

Ponzi Schemes: Everything that is there to know about

The 21st century has become a social hub for social media platforms and the internet in general. With almost everything available at our fingertips, from groceries to booking flight tickets, the internet has become that essential companion or part of our lives that we cannot live without. Along with all the luxuries that any person […]

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Scam News 13-01-2021

Fake Giveaway: Brilliant ways to avoid and report one

The internet and the social media platforms that connect people from all over the world gave birth to the term called Giveaway. These giveaways started out from being a way of saying thank you to all their loyal followers by the influencers on these social media platforms to the version of it now, which takes […]

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Scam News 11-01-2021

Fake Giveaway: The personal experience of an Instagram influencer and hacks to avoid

Social media has taken all of us in its grip. Online platforms like Instagram and other social media handles consuming all our time. Especially after the onset of the pandemic, as we have all been trapped in the four walls of our homes, the online world has been our only source of contact with the […]

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Scam News 08-01-2021

Fake Giveaway: What it is and how can you spot it

The technologically paced world has surely helped us in a lot of ways. With almost everything available at our fingertips ranging from money transactions to the other of the world to buying groceries, almost everything is easily available and accessible if you have a device and an internet connection. With the internet, came a rise […]

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Scam News 07-01-2021

Ransomware: Why is it so deadly and various ways to deal with it

Every day, we come across various pop-ups or emails or just random messages that appear on the screen of our computers or laptops or any other device while we may be surfing on the internet. These messages often showcase the message stating that your system has been hacked and all the files have been encrypted. […]

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Scam News 06-01-2021

Ransomware: everything you need to know about it and how to prevent

Every one of you must have heard the word – Ransomware somewhere or the other. Be it in an article on your phone or in the newspaper headlines or you might have had a pop-up just now stating that your device has a ransomware infection. In today’s article, we will be telling you everything that […]

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