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Investors Alert  Investments Global – Regarding registration of issuance, offer or sale of securities/derivatives, and reporting requirements

Investments Global: A Detailed Review

Are you contemplating investing with Investments Global? To make an informed decision, it’s crucial to thoroughly investigate the company’s products and services, regulatory compliance, customer reviews, location, and customer support. In this comprehensive review, we’ll examine each of these aspects in detail, offering you a comprehensive understanding of Investments Global.

Regulation and Compliance:

When evaluating an investment company, one of the most critical aspects to consider is its regulatory status. Regulation and compliance are fundamental for safeguarding investors against potential fraud and misconduct, ensuring that the company adheres to specific standards of conduct, disclosure, and accountability.

According to the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC), Investments Global is not authorized to trade or provide advice on securities or derivatives in Alberta. This lack of registration raises significant concerns as it implies that the company is not authorized to issue, offer, or sell these financial instruments in Alberta, potentially putting investors at risk. The ASC has even placed Investments Global on its Investment Caution List, which includes unregistered companies that may pose risks to investors. To verify a company’s registration status, you can refer to the ASC’s website for more information.


– None of the pros mentioned.


– Investments Global is not registered or authorized to trade securities or derivatives in Alberta.

– The ASC has listed Investments Global on its Investment Caution List.

– Lack of regulatory oversight raises concerns about investor protection and legality.

Trader’s Reviews and Customer Service:

Customer feedback is an invaluable resource when assessing an investment company. It can shed light on the company’s quality, reliability, reputation, and customer service. However, it’s essential to be cautious when relying on online reviews, as some may be misleading or biased, potentially manipulated by the company or its competitors.

A quick internet search reveals limited customer reviews of Investments Global, and most of them are negative. Customers have reported losing money, difficulty withdrawing funds, pressure to invest more, and poor communication with the company. These negative experiences suggest that Investments Global may not be a trustworthy or reputable investment option, raising concerns about its legitimacy.


– None of the pros mentioned.


– Negative customer reviews with reports of lost funds, withdrawal difficulties, and poor communication.

– Allegations of pressure to invest more, potentially indicating aggressive sales tactics.

Products and Services:

The range and quality of investment products and services offered by a company are critical factors for investors. Investors should seek a company that aligns with their investment goals, risk tolerance, and preferences. Additionally, a reputable company should provide clear and transparent information about its offerings, including their features, benefits, risks, fees, and performance.

Investments Global claims to offer a variety of investment products, including stocks, bonds, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, ETFs, mutual funds, options, futures, and CFDs. They also mention an accessible online platform, professional advice, market analysis, educational resources, and customer support. However, these claims lack evidence or verification. The company’s website fails to provide crucial details about how these products and services work, their pricing, regulation, and performance. It also lacks disclosure on associated risks, such as market volatility, liquidity issues, leverage effects, and margin requirements. The absence of terms and conditions, a privacy policy, or a disclaimer raises concerns about transparency and legitimacy.


– Wide range of investment products and services mentioned.


– Lack of evidence or verification for the products and services offered.

– Insufficient information on pricing, regulation, and performance.

– Absence of risk disclosures and essential policies.

– Lack of transparency and legitimacy concerns.


The location and jurisdiction of an investment company are significant factors to consider. A reputable company should be based in a stable and well-regulated jurisdiction with strong investor protections. It should also provide verifiable contact information, including a physical address, for effective communication and conflict resolution.

Investments Global claims to have offices in various countries, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. However, the website does not specify addresses or phone numbers for these offices. The only contact information available is an email address and a web form, which are insufficient and unreliable means of communication. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, Investments Global is not registered or regulated in Alberta or any other Canadian province or territory. This raises questions about the company’s adherence to the laws and regulations of the countries it claims to operate in, potentially leaving investors without legal recourse or protection.


– Claims to have a presence in various countries.


– Lack of specific addresses or phone numbers for the claimed offices.

– Reliance on email and web forms as the primary means of communication.

– Lack of regulatory registration in Alberta or other Canadian provinces, raising legality concerns.

Customer Service:

A critical aspect of evaluating an investment company is its customer service and support. Investors should look for companies that offer responsive, courteous, and helpful customer service through various communication channels, including phone, email, chat, or social media. A positive track record of resolving customer issues and complaints is also indicative of good customer service.

Investments Global states that it provides 24/7 customer service through its online platform and boasts a team of experts ready to assist customers. However, the lack of phone numbers or alternative contact information is a significant drawback, as it limits effective communication. Moreover, there have been numerous customer complaints about poor customer service, with reports of customers being ignored, blocked, or harassed by company representatives. These incidents indicate a lack of responsive and helpful customer support.


– Claims to offer 24/7 customer service.


– Lack of phone numbers or alternative contact information for effective communication.

– Numerous customer complaints about poor customer service, including being ignored, blocked, or harassed.

How do online trading scams operate:

Online trading scams operate by luring individuals with promises of substantial profits and enticing investment opportunities. These scams often employ deceptive tactics, such as attractive websites, persuasive salespeople, and false testimonials, to convince individuals to invest their money. Once the funds are deposited, the scammers may engage in various fraudulent activities, including:

  1. Misrepresentation: Scammers may misrepresent their credentials, falsely claiming to be registered and regulated by financial authorities when they are not.
  2. High-Pressure Sales Tactics: Victims may be pressured to invest more money, often under the guise of time-limited opportunities or exclusive deals.
  3. Refusal of Withdrawals: Scammers might make it difficult for investors to withdraw their funds, citing various reasons, and delaying or denying withdrawals.
  4. Fake Trading Activity: Some scams create the illusion of trading activity, displaying fake profits and losses to deceive investors.
  5. Ghosting: In cases of investor complaints or withdrawal requests, the scam company may ignore or block communication with the victim.
  6. Phishing: Scammers may use phishing emails and websites to steal personal and financial information from victims.
  7. Unregulated Operations: Operating in jurisdictions with lax or no regulations, scammers escape legal consequences.

Risk of Sending Funds to Offshore Company:

Investors should exercise extreme caution when considering sending funds to offshore companies, especially those that lack regulatory oversight and transparency. Here are the risks associated with offshore investments:

  1. Regulatory Void: Offshore companies often operate in jurisdictions with minimal or no financial regulations, leaving investors with limited legal protection.
  2. Lack of Oversight: The absence of regulatory oversight allows these companies to engage in activities that may not be permitted in more regulated regions.
  3. Difficulty in Recovery: In the event of disputes or fraudulent activities, recovering funds from offshore entities can be exceedingly challenging and costly.
  4. Transparency Issues: Offshore companies may lack transparency, making it difficult for investors to verify the legitimacy of their operations and the safety of their investments.
  5. Tax Implications: Offshore investments can have complex tax implications, potentially leading to legal issues or financial penalties.


In conclusion, Investments Global is a company that claims to offer various investment products and services, but several red flags should give investors pause. The company is not registered or regulated in Alberta or in other jurisdictions where it operates, which raises concerns about its legality. The lack of clear and accurate information about its products and services, its location, and its customer service adds to these concerns.

Furthermore, the negative customer reviews and complaints suggest that Investments Global may not be a reputable or trustworthy investment choice. In light of these findings, we strongly recommend exercising caution and conducting thorough research before considering any investments with this company. Your financial well-being deserves the utmost care and diligence, so make sure to weigh the risks carefully before proceeding with Investments Global. It’s crucial to protect your hard-earned money from potential scams and fraud.

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