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Investors Alert Globe-mining24 – Regarding registration of issuance, offer or sale of securities/derivatives, and reporting requirements


If you are interested in cryptocurrency mining, you may have come across globe-mining24, a website that claims to offer ASIC mining services for various coins. However, before you invest your money with them, you should be aware that they are not a legitimate company and they may be running a scam. In this blog post, we will explain why globe-mining24 is an unlicensed entity, what are the red flags that indicate their fraudulent activities, and how you can protect yourself from online trading scams.

Products and Services:

According to their website, globe-mining24 offers ASIC mining services for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Zcash. They claim that they have a large network of mining farms around the world and that they use the latest and most efficient hardware and software. They also claim that they offer low fees, high returns, and 24/7 customer support. However, these claims are not backed by any evidence or proof. In fact, there is no information about who owns or operates globe-mining24, where they are based, or how they secure their funds. Moreover, their website is full of grammatical and spelling errors, which suggests a lack of professionalism and credibility.

Financial institution & regulatory license:

One of the most important things to check before investing with any online trading platform is whether they have a valid financial institution and regulatory license. This means that they are authorized and supervised by a reputable authority that ensures their compliance with the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction where they operate. However, globe-mining24 does not have any such license or registration. They are not regulated by any authority in any country. This means that they are operating illegally and that they are not accountable to anyone. If you invest with them, you have no legal protection or recourse in case of any dispute or problem.

Trader’s Reviews and Customer Service:

Another way to verify the legitimacy of an online trading platform is to look for trader’s reviews and customer service feedback. This can help you gauge the reputation and reliability of the platform and its services. However, globe-mining24 does not have any positive or authentic reviews from real customers. The only reviews that can be found online are negative ones that warn others about their scam. Many people have reported that they have lost their money with globe-mining24, that they have not received any payouts or withdrawals, and that they have been ignored or blocked by their customer service.

How do online trading scams operate:

Online trading scams are becoming more common and sophisticated as more people are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies and other financial markets. These scams usually involve creating fake websites or platforms that lure unsuspecting investors with promises of high returns and low risks. They often use fake testimonials, endorsements, or awards to appear legitimate and trustworthy. They also use aggressive marketing tactics and pressure tactics to persuade people to deposit money quickly. Once they have collected enough money from their victims, they either disappear or stop paying them. They may also ask for more money or personal information under various pretexts, such as fees, taxes, verification, or security.

How to Safeguard Against Fraudulent Brokers:

To avoid falling victim to online trading scams, you should always do your own research before investing with any platform or broker. You should check their background, reputation, license, registration, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and contact details. You should also look for independent reviews and ratings from other traders and experts. You should never invest more than you can afford to lose, and you should always use secure payment methods and wallets. You should also be wary of any unsolicited offers or requests that sound too good to be true.


In conclusion, globe-mining24 is an unlicensed entity that may be running a scam involving ASIC mining services. They have no credibility, transparency, or accountability. They have many red flags that indicate their fraudulent activities. They have no positive reviews or customer service feedback. They may be stealing your money or personal information. Therefore, we advise you to stay away from them and to report them to the relevant authorities if you encounter them.

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