Beware Investors EOSTEADER.TOP – Regarding market intermediaries (investment and trading advisers, collective investment schemes, brokers, dealers, and transfer agents)


Online trading can be a lucrative and exciting activity, but it also comes with significant risks. One of the main dangers is dealing with unauthorized and fraudulent brokers who may manipulate the market, steal your money or personal information, or disappear without a trace. That is why it is essential to check the regulatory status of any broker before opening an account or making a deposit.

Products and Services:

EOSTEADER.TOP claims to offer a variety of trading products and services, such as forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. The website also boasts of having advanced trading platforms, competitive spreads, fast execution, high leverage, and professional customer support. However, these claims are not backed by any evidence or verification. Moreover, the website does not provide any information about the company’s name, address, registration number, or legal jurisdiction.

Financial institution & regulatory license:

According to the CNMV alert, EOSTEADER.TOP is not authorized to provide investment services or auxiliary services in Spain. The CNMV is the Spanish National Securities Market Commission, which is responsible for supervising and inspecting the securities markets and the activities of all the participants in those markets. The CNMV warns that investing through unauthorized entities involves a high risk of losing all or part of the invested capital.

Trader’s Reviews and Customer Service:

There are very few reviews or testimonials from traders who have used EOSTEADER.TOP. The ones that are available are mostly negative and report issues such as difficulty in withdrawing funds, poor communication, hidden fees, and account closure. The customer service of EOSTEADER.TOP is also very unreliable and unresponsive. The website only provides an email address and a phone number, but no physical address or live chat option.

How do online trading scams operate:

Online trading scams are becoming more sophisticated and widespread in the digital age. They usually target inexperienced or vulnerable investors who are looking for quick profits or easy solutions. Some of the common tactics used by scammers are:

– Creating fake websites or social media profiles that mimic legitimate brokers or platforms.

– Offering unrealistic returns or guarantees that are too good to be true.

– Using aggressive marketing or pressure tactics to persuade investors to sign up or deposit more money.

– Manipulating the trading platform or the market data to show false results or induce losses.

– Refusing to process withdrawal requests or imposing unreasonable conditions or fees.

– Disappearing with the investors’ money or personal information.

How to Safeguard Against Fraudulent Brokers:

To protect yourself from online trading scams, you should always do your due diligence before choosing a broker or a platform. Some of the steps you can take are:

– Check the regulatory status and reputation of the broker. You can use online databases such as the CNMV’s website or other reputable sources to verify if the broker is authorized and regulated in your country or region.

– Read the terms and conditions carefully and understand the risks involved. You should also pay attention to the fees, commissions, spreads, leverage, and margin requirements that apply to your trading account.

– Test the trading platform and the customer service before making a deposit. You can use a demo account or a small amount of money to see how the platform works and how responsive and helpful the customer service is.

– Use secure payment methods and keep track of your transactions. You should avoid using anonymous or untraceable payment methods such as wire transfers, cryptocurrencies, or prepaid cards. You should also keep records of your deposits, withdrawals, trades, and communications with the broker.

– Report any suspicious or fraudulent activity to the relevant authorities. If you suspect that you have been scammed or have encountered any problems with your broker, you should contact the CNMV or other competent regulators as soon as possible.


EOSTEADER.TOP is an unauthorized online trading platform that has been warned by the CNMV for operating without a license in Spain. Investing through this entity involves a high risk of losing your money or becoming a victim of fraud. Therefore, we advise you to avoid this broker and look for other reliable and regulated alternatives. Remember to always do your research and be cautious when dealing with online trading platforms.

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